/ by George Bajalia

Chefchaouen! Jesse, Angie, and I traveled with Rachid to his childhood home. The name means essentially means “Look at the horns”, a nod to the mountains surrounding the town. I would have called it “Look at the blues”, but no one sought my input. 

The past few days I’ve been playing host and tourist, two roles that I haven’t really been exploring in my time here. Often, my goal is to try and blend in as much as possible, at least when I’m walking around or sitting in a cafe. Though that may be problematic in itself, it was an absolute change to walk around and snap pictures everywhere I went, and frequent shops that I usually pass by. It’s funny, in showing off the city I’ve called home for 3 weeks, I found myself at first turning to the tourist locations. In fact, on our first tour around, Angie and I found ourselves hitting the same stops as a cruise ship tour. Quite literally, as we were leaving places they would be arriving. I did surprise myself, however, with my ability to navigate the Medina’s winding roads. 

In other news, I lost in wrestling the other day. The challenger was Abdelmajid’s friend Yessi. As Yessi and I don’t quite match up in size, I went into this match expecting to lose. When I did lose, though, Abdelmajid informed me that my reign as an American Hero was over. Oh well.