Crossing the Mediterranean / by George Bajalia

Tomorrow, I will be making my way across the Straits of Gibraltar from the tip of Northern Africa to the belly of Spain- Andalucia. I’m taking a ferry from Tangier to Tarifa. The trip is about 35 minutes… We will see what the muses of Al Andalus have to say.

It’s odd, though, to be leaving Morocco behind. Lately I’ve spent a lot of time exploring the parapets of the Kasbah, and each time I peak out to stare across the Mediterranean, I am struck by the vast expanses behind me. There is an entire continent behind me, and an entire continent directly in front of me. It’s kind of a timeless experience- and it also dawned on me just what the “Mediterranean” means. This body of water is all that seperates Europe and Africa. It’s a sea caught in between two continents; physically dividing them, yes, but also uniting them by means of music, arts, weather, trade, and most importantly, food. The fish the Tanjawi eat here are the same as the fish that Spanish Catholics eat, the same as the Bosnian Muslims and the Serbian Orthodox Christians. Who knows, they may even be the same fish that Israelis and Palestinians eat too.