Marhababikum / by George Bajalia

So, it’s been a good number of weeks since I’ve been around on here, and surely I could spend quite a few posts catching up. Doing that, though, would require spending all my time on here recollecting moments past and letting the stories of today pass me by. So instead, I’ve come up with a new plan for the future:

I’m going to upload two posts a week, as small or large as they be, and I’m going to stick to it with aid of the wonderful Dani Baurer, who I’m hoping with hold me accountable all the way from Chicago. 

So for now, a quick update on what’s going on here in Fez. Later this month, I’ll be heading home for the holidays (and to buy tortillas) with stops in Jacksonville and Chicago. When I return, I’ll be heading from Fez to Tangier, where I’ll begin my research in earnest. Thus far, I’ve been focusing on learning Darija and finding my way here.

With the help of some great friends here, I’ve been able to help put on a concert in a brand new arts center in the Fez Medina, and I’ve made some great contacts in the arts scene here. 

Along with another Fulbrighter, Joe Lukawksi, I’m working on a short film script that we hope to shoot in beautiful garden here in this coming Winter/Spring… More on this soon, but for now you can check out his Fulbright project on the old water systems of Fez here (

- George