/ by George Bajalia

Ramadan Mubarak! 

Starting with the first Ramadan sunset, there’s definitely been a change of pace here. I’ve been told that the driving force behind Ramadan is that during this month, people from all classes and backgrounds are undeniably equal. Everyone fasts during the day, and it’s a duty to ensure that everyone eats at night. No one is any hungrier than anyone else, and everyone breaks the fast at the same time. In this spirit, my friends have drawn me into their fast breaking, and feasting. We’ve cooked tajines and prepared traditionally ifthar with shebakia (crunchy pastries), tumrr (dates), and harira (soup). 

Earlier this week, I hosted some friends from the US. Since I was now the host, it was my turn to prepare coffee, tea, and anything else. I’ve been wanted to learn how to make mint tea here, and hosting was the perfect way to learn.