Where to now? / by George Bajalia

Well, it’s a been a fall full of Fulbright fun, but not very many blog posts. In case you’re wondering what’s been going on, I have some links to point you in the right direction, plus a few recaps.

The biggest news is a new production I directed this fall. With fellow Northwestern Alum Tom Casserly, I received some funding from the American Language Center, Tangier, the American Cultural Association, and the U.S. Embassy, Morocco to adapt and direct a musical theatre piece in Tangier this past fall. The piece was an adaptation of the classic love story of Romeo and Juliet, and West Side Story to take place in Tangier. Two rival gangs, of Tangier, torn apart by regional differences and brought together by forbidden love (and musical theatre). We opened to packed houses in Tangier, played 4 shows with standing room only, then took it on the road to Fez, and the Fulbright 30th Anniversary Gala in Rabat. Right now we’re in the process of planning a few more dates, but you find all the information about the show, plus some podcasts, video, and press on our site: www.f7alif7alek.com

Personally, I returned back to the US for the holidays, and I’ll be heading up to Chicago, New York, and then back to Morocco for some research wrap-up, plus performances of our show, F7ali F7alek (the 7 is pronounced like an emphatic H- head over to www.f7alif7alek.com/2012/09/17/how-to-pronounce-a-7-and-casting-updates to read more…)

And finally, a bit of news about how I’ll be using this blog in the future. I’ve finally launched my website for my theatre work (www.georgebajalia.com), which means that I’ll be using this for academic musings, personal project posts, and the like. For major theatrical updates, and for photos, and information about my directing work, head on over to my site!

Stay tuned here, though for research updates as this round of my time in Morocco comes to a close. It’s a new year, and Northwestern’s football team won a bowl game, so I think I can manage to be better about blog updates!