The Magic Carpet Project is a multi-media project that encompasses live performance, digital and audio-visual content that engages with cultural practice as progressive, and tradition as reflective and contemporary. 

Watch the documentary created through The Magic Carpet Project here:
Produced and Released in 2018

Conceived by George Bajalia and Tom Casserly through Borderline Theatre Project, The Magic Carpet is a piece of theatre that tells the story of the militarized border between Morocco and Algeria, the families who live on either side of it, and a young woman who sets out to discover her family's story by learning to decipher the rugs woven and passed across the border by her star-crossed parents. 


Photos by Ben Derico, George Bajalia, and Tom Casserly All Rights Reserved, 2015.

In conversation with The Magic Carpet, BTP is producing a documentary exploring the life of a Moroccan rug, and the artisans who create them.

The Magic Carpet Project is supported by partners across the world, including:

Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events

Chicago 3AP 3Arts Campaign

Chicago-Casablanca Sister Cities Committee

Hannoun Rugs From Morocco, Chicago

Bleu de Fes, Tangier

American Language Center, Tangier

Tangier American Legation Institute for Maghreb Studies