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In February of 2012, Anthony Bourdain and the crew of CNN's Parts Unknown came to Tangier for an episode shoot. Along the way... 

On the border between Morocco and Algeria, Morocco and Spain, Spain and the United Kingdom. Produced by Borderline Theatre Project, edited and directed by George Bajalia
Bourdain also met up with George Bajalia, a Fulbright Scholar in Tangier, and a local artist to have tea at Café Baba, located in the Tangier Kasbah, the city’s native corner. The cafe has attracted foreign dignitaries, rock stars, aristocrats and artists since it opened in 1943.

The episode is currently available via Amazon, Netflix, and iTunes. Purchase it on iTunes here

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A report on the Moroccan adaptation of Broadway's famous musical West Side Story. A play directed by George Bajalia, a Fulbright grantee and a Chicago-based theatre artist, produced by Tom Casserly (2012 Tony Nomination, Peter and the Starcatcher), Adaptation in Moroccan Arabic by Zakaria Alilech In association with the American Language Center of Tangier, Produced and directed by Joe Lukawski. Second Camera and French version: Hugo Massa.

...[he] is focused on the development of a new work that has an exciting international component...The premise of exploring arbitrary borders through the tangible metaphor of an incomplete rug is rich in both thematic and visual potential.
— Allyson Esposito, DCASE Chicago

Read the full article on grant writing in Chicago Artist Resource's series, "Granted."

George Bajalia on The Magic Carpet Project

Their voices came wafting up over the Legation courtyard, a springtime Friday evening. Intrigued, I paid a visit to our group of high school English students enrolled in the Global Voices Initiative program, thanks to our partnership with the American Language Center (ALC) Tangier. You can watch the videos on the ALC website.

It was practice for their upcoming presentation of a set of three plays, which they developed, wrote in English, and then performed for their audience of American students in Chicago, via a Google + connection.
— Jerry Loftus, Tangier American Legation Director

See the post on the Global Voices Initiative's work between Tangier and Chicago at the Tangier American Legation Director's Blog.