The 7 is pronounced like an emphatic 'h'. 

F7ali F7alek means "like me, like you" in Moroccan Arabic, and is a new play with music adapted and set in Tangier, Morocco. 

The world’s most tragic love story finds a new life in modern-day Tangier, inspired by the classic American musical, West Side Story. Under the same sky as Romeo and Juliet, Tony and Maria, and Morocco’s own Isli and Tislit, two unlikely lovers find themselves caught between rival gangs in a community uncertain of its own future. Tangier’s sights and sounds come together with Bernstein’s most iconic songs to tell a story unlike any other; a story of jaded youth living only for today with little hope for tomorrow, a story of star-crossed love, a story of Morocco.

In association with the American Language Center, TangierLike Me, Like You (F7ALI F7ALEK) was sponsored by a U.S. Embassy Cultural Affairs grant to the American Cultural Association

directed by: george bajalia

produced by: tom casserly

adapted by: zakaria alilech, george bajalia, and tom casserly

performances in Tangier, Fez, and Rabat, Morocco


photos by Omar Chennafi